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Make your life a pilgrimage : Dr Samuel Mar Irenios

gurumahima camp

Santhigiri: Auxiliary Bishop of the Major Archieparchy of Trivandrum ( Malankara Catholica Bhardasanam) Dr Samuel Mar Irenios urged the young generation to develop their lives to a pilgrimage rather than a excursion. Only then they can bring in drastic change in the cultural values of the present society. The Bishop was inaugurating the Camp organised by Guru Mahima , the cultural wing of children of Santhigiri Ashram. The two day camp poised to promote cultural values to the young generation was organised as a part of the Nava Oli Jyothir Dinam celebrations of the Ashram.

Ashram Organising secretary Swami Gururetnam delivered the keynote address.

Guru mahima camp

Auxilary Bishop Samuel Mar Irenios inaugurating Guru Mahima Camp of Santhigiri Ashram

Noted social activist Dr. Piyush Antony led the discussions. She cautioned that the experiences in our childhood life will have a long lasting stamp in our personality and they will play a major role in developing the values in our behaviour. So the growth and development of young people should have a virtuous and spiritual background.

Janani Navapriya , Janani Mangala and Swami Janananma were present in the camp. Ashram arts& culture advisor Dr. T. S. Somanathan ,representative of Guru Mahima Saranya .M., Haripriya and S.Mamatha B Bhanu spoke. GuruMahima Representatives from all districts of Kerala were the participants of the Camp