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The diversity and contradictions in human experience are based on indomitable karmic liability involving good and evil alike. This expands as human history depicting known details and subtle influences of unknown factors. The spiritual wisdom and guidance emanating from there is the panacea for all human ills. This is made available to the humanity by the gracious Will of God through the Guru authorized in this behalf. This happens to be one among the most important subjects coming within the purview of spiritual experience especially in the matter of the spiritual mystery latent in revelatory visions. Any amount of explanatory treatises will not be sufficient to bring out this fully. This subject involves the full richness and privacy of the reciprocity of Guru and disciple.


The tradition of spirituality is based on Guru Sishya lineage. Here in Santhigiri this lineage fulfills it ultimate through Navajyothisree Karunakara Guru and his first disciple Sishyapoojitha Amritha Jnana Thapaswini. The entrance to this wisdom and experience is open for the whole world.




Word is Truth   ¦   Truth is Guru   ¦   Guru is God    

Latest News

Poojithapeedom Samarpanam-10

Thiruvananthapuram: Santhigiri Lineage is celebrating 'Poojitha Peetam Samarppanam – 10 along with 'Half Yearly Kumbhamela' today, 22 Feb 10. The 'Kumbhas', which reached from different parts of the nation accompanied by prayerful processions will be dedicated to the Lotus Feet of our Beloved Guru in the Lotus Parnasala by the evening.

The Soul Urging to Evolve – O.N.V.Kurup

Santhigiri: The blossoming Lotus Parnasala in Santhigiri is a representation of the soul which urges to evolve to the higher planes of spirituality, Padmavibhushan Sri.O.N.V.Kurup said inaugurating the one day study camp organized by Viswa Samskriti Kalaramgam as a part of Poojitha Peetam Samarpanam – 10 celebrations.

Spiritual Bliss Showered in Santhigiri as the Kumbhas Dedicated in the Lotus Parnasala

Spiritual bliss was showering in Santhigiri as the Lineage celebrated Kumbha Mela and Poojitha Peedom Samarpanam – 10 here which marked the actualization of 41 days prolonged Vrathas of the devotees throughout the world.