Gurucharanam Saranam


Guruvani(Malayalam): A compilation of 1001 quotations from 'Guruvani' (Guru's Discourses).


Guruvani (Malayalam, English, Hindhi, Tamil): A compilation of 101 quotations from 'Guruvani'.

Amrithavani (Malayalam): A compilation of a few 'Birthday Messages' of Guru published in the Santhigiri monthly.

Arivum Manushyanum (Man and Wisdom) (Malayalam): A book relating to the societal disintegration and communal disharmony existing in the Indian society and the way to overcome it.

A Dialogue on the Human Prospect (English): A book in the form of a dialogue between Guru and a disciple on various topics including Guru's life, the 'Kali Yuga Dharma' and the concept of modernity. The book carries an introduction by noted writer O. V. Vijayan.

Poovum Mullum (Flowers and Thorns) (Malayalam): A life sketch of Guru.


Navajyothisree Karunakara Guru – A Life of Sacrifice' (English): Translation of 'Poovum Mullum'.

Sri Santhigiri (Malayalam, English and Hindi): On Guru's life and the ideology of Santhigiri Ashram.


Sri Guru Gita (A treatise on Guru Principle) (Malayalam and Hindi): Guru Gita, a part of the 'Skanda Purana', is lesser known among the ancient sacred texts of India. It is a dialogue between Siva and Parvathi on the importance of 'Guru' in one's life. The past decade has seen the growing popularity of 'Guru Gita'.

Indiayude Moolyanirnayathil Vanna Abadham (The Error in the Evaluation of India) (Malayalam): This book contains an account given by Guru about a great spiritual fault that took place in the process of societal evolution, affecting not only India but the entire world.

Chintha Sabhalyam (Conceptual Fulfillment) (Malayalam): Based on a talk 'For the Protection of Believers and the Sustenance of Non-believers' by Guru.

Tyagam Chaidu Punnyam Nedan Dhanyatmakalodu Orabhyarthana (Seek Virtue Through a Life of Sacrifice - An Appeal to all Blessed Souls) (Malayalam): The book speaks of the cosmic scheme behind the observance of dharma - the duty of man according to the changing times.